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Python and Array of CLOBs using cx_Oracle [message #496541] Mon, 28 February 2011 16:37
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I am using cx_Oracle as a client onto a oracle stored procedure.

The procedure has 2 params:
1) A collection of varchar2
2) A collection of CLOBs

defined as

create type array_string as collection of varchar2(4000) index by pls_integer;

create type array_clob as collection of clob index by pls_integer;

I then have the proc:
create procedure proc_name(param1 in array_num, param2 array_clob)

The client calls this (and other) methods using cx_oracle.

It can successfully call procs with collections of numbers of collections of strings using arrayvar(cx_Oracle.STRING,vars)
etc, but when I attempt to apply the same logic to CLOBs it does not work.

Does anyone know the correct way of passing a collection of CLOBs to the procedure, or if this is even possible?


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