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Hi All

I have a problem that I am describing below.

I have one Table say Emp1 wherein EmpID is defined as the Primary Key.I have a second table say Phone which has EmpId as the Foreign Key.Now One Employee can have several Phones so that Emp--[>]Phone relationship is 1--[>]Many.

But I have another field in Phone called DEFAULT.Now I want to ensure that at any time there is always one Phone record that has its DEFAULT field set to TRUE and all others should be FALSE.So if i set one phone record DEFAULT value as TRUE all other Phone Records for that Employee should become FALSE.

Does Oracle give any way so that I can define this restriction in the schema itself.


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andrew again
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No, you need to do this programatically. Doing it in your application's code will be the easiest. If you try to do it using triggers on "Phone" it will be a lot more difficult because you will have a mutating table(you'll typically need a pre trigger, a post trigger and a package to pass global info from the pre to the post).

Try something like this:
if v_default = 'Y' then
  -- reset other rows to 'N'
  update phone set default = 'N' 
  where emp_id = 123
  and default = 'Y';
end if;
  -- now insert/update New record default = 'Y' where emp_id = 123;
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